Art in Remote  Alaska

My double life united

 I have spent my summers in southeast Alaska since 1984. We live on the north side of Chichagof Island in Gull Cove. South Passage Outfitters LLC, our family owned and operated business was unable to operate do to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns in 2020. I took this opportunity and time to create art.

     I have been making prints since 2012 at my home studio in Truckee, CA but am always too busy in the summer to make prints.

     My original medium was the live theatre as a set designer where I practiced my craft for over 20 years in various venues, large and small. I studied Dramatic Art at U.C. Berkeley but then I met an Alaskan fisherman that changed my rather uncharted course and ended up in Southeast Alaska. Finally, this summer my two favorite pursuits, alaskan summers and print making collided in this collection of prints.

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